Movie News: Baseball and Horror Combine in SULLIVAN'S SLUGGERS

Written by Chris Holt

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Sullivan's Sluggers

Y’know what there hasn’t been in a while? A good old fashioned cheesy baseball movie. There was MONEYBALL but that was all about the background, I’m talking about all the action (or lack of) that happens on the field. What there has been plenty of is horror films and now a team of writers and filmmakers want to combine the two for SULLIVAN'S SLUGGERS.

SULLIVAN'S SLUGGERS is a horror baseball graphic novel written by Mark Andrew Smith and James Stokoe and the film will be produced by Broken Road Productions and Terra Firma Films. The story is described as “MAJOR LEAGUE meets ZOMBIELAND and then some” and follows a down on his luck manager and his team ‘The Sluggers’ who are invited to play a game at a small town venue and then find themselves fighting for their lives in a town overrun with all manner of supernatural beasts. The creators of the book are selling it via this new-fangled Kickstarter thing we hear so much about these days and somehow raised six times their pledge goal in 5 days.

The story has also been described as a homage to Sam Raimi and George Romero and writers Tom and Tim Mullen will be writing the screenplay. Sounds just like my kind of craziness to be honest, Can’t wait!

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