Movie News: Release Dates Shuffle for GI JOE 2 and GRAVITY

Written by Chris Holt

Movie News

Bad news for fans of big, loud and cheesy action films based on toys. Out of the blue with just over a month to go until release, Paramount have pulled GI JOE: RETALIATION from the late June summer blockbuster slot and stuck it into a March 2013 slot. Now official word for the move is that they wish to post-convert it into 3D which will take a while and thus the release date needed to shift. Word on the street is if you can’t make something good then make it 3D. This has happened before but with mostly absolute dogs of films, the studios know they have something that stinks so decide to save face (and increase box office) by making it 3D. This is more puzzling when you consider that the GI JOE sequel actually had something of a positive buzz behind it and people (myself included) were looking forward to it. Anyway instead of a late June action pic we will now get a comedy instead as TED, the live action debut of Seth Macfarlane has taken its slot so all is not lost.

Perhaps worse than the GI JOE news is the fact that fans of intelligent, well-made science fiction are going to have to wait a little longer for Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY. The film was due to make an appearance this November and would likely have a heavy awards push behind it. Early word has been stellar with brilliant performances by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and the expected technical brilliance for composing a shot that Cuaron brings from CHILDREN OF MEN. The film has now been moved to sometime in 2013, although this is not yet confirmed whether it will be early 2013 or later. This is most likely so that the extensive effects work can be finished, doing a one take 45 minute tracking shot in zero gravity probably takes longer than you think. To fill the void, Warner Bros have decided to bring the much buzzed about GANGSTER SQUAD to a September release.

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