Movie News: HOOK Star Developing Prequel. Seriously.

Written by Chris Holt

Movie News


Cast your mind back to late 1991, one of Steven Spielberg’s worst films ever is released on an unsuspecting public. Without doubt until the last Indiana Jones movie, HOOK is one of the biggest, misguided misfires in an otherwise sterling career. Mawkish, annoying and saccharine, HOOK has almost nothing to recommend it.

You may remember a spirited performance by a youngster named Dante Basco who played Rufio the leader of the ‘Lost Boys’, Peter Pan’s old gang. Well Basco is now 36 years young and clearly hasn’t ever gotten over his fifteen minutes over Christmas 1991 as he is now developing a prequel following Rufio’s adventures in Neverland. He won’t be playing the role himself of course. Surprisingly Basco never wrote the screenplay himself and instead bought it off a group of young screenwriters back East.

The story apparently follows how Rufio got his distinctive hairstyle and is partly a musical as well as an action fantasy. In case you think this is all delusional wishful thinking they also have a former effects artist named Rpin Suwannath attached to direct the film. This will be his directorial debut should a studio decide to pick up the pitch. Interestingly enough Suwannath was once attached to the futuristic reboot that is known as ZORRO REBORN.

Basco has been keeping busy doing voice work on cartoons like AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER and bit parts in TV series. More on this story as it develops…

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