Movie News: Original Writer Returning For BLADE RUNNER Sequel...

Written by Kris Heys

Movie News

Blade Runner

Screenwriter Hampton Fancher is reportedly in talks with Alcon Entertainment to return to the universe he helped shape back in 1982. This of course adds further validity to the company’s proposed sequel after Ridley Scott himself jumped on board the project last August, with an eye to not only produce, but to direct also. That said, it must be pointed out that Fancher hasn't written since THE MINUS MAN in 1999. What's the hell is THE MINUS MAN? Exactly. Let's hope he's not too rusty... 

Sadly there’s still no details on the approach the sequel will take, but we expect more information will begin to drop once Scott has wrapped up publicity duties on a mysterious little film by the name of PROMETHEUS. You'd think they'd have released a teaser trailer or something by now...

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