Movie News: Screenwriter Hired For RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Sequel

Written by Chris Holt

Movie News

Considering last summer the film was a critical and commercial smash, details have been slowly coming out when it comes to the next RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES film. What we do know is that Andy Serkis is a lock to take on the motion capture performance suit and essay Caesar again. Rupert Wyatt also has the option to return to the director’s chair. Now a screenwriter has been hired that really makes sense from a thematic standpoint.

Scott Z.Burns wrote last year’s CONTAGION and has been brought on board to write the next chapter in the rebooted Apes saga. Now considering the ending for RISE (SPOILER WARNING) finds a deadly virus spreading across the world and the fact that Burns wrote a film about just this very thing, it seems like a match made in movie heaven. Don’t forget though that Burns also wrote THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, which is widely considered the best film in that franchise so the guy knows action too.

Plot details are still sketchy but it’s likely that the film will deal with the ape race coming to prominence as the humans die off. I would guarantee that there is an element of the plot concerning Caesar’s blood holding the key to a cure which will create an interesting conflict with the potential new ruler of the planet.

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