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RUBICON’s James Badge Dale is the latest to join the growing cast of IRON MAN 3, which has over the last few weeks alone seen Ben Kingsley, Andy Lau, Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall all jump on board. According to Variety, the wily industry folk who broke the story, the actor is up for the role of soldier Eric Savin. Now in the comic book continuity Savin suffers an accident in the field and is promptly turned into the cyborg, aka the snazzily monikered Coldblood. It does however remain to be seen whether the franchise's new writer/director Shane Black will chose to introduce his robot person in this movie (he did after all promise that IRON MAN 3 would not descend into two metal dudes punching the crap out of each other), or is simply setting him up for further sequels. ...When they’re free to return to the tried-and-tested ‘two metal dudes punching the crap out of each other’ routine. 

For those unfamiliar with Coldblood (or Coldblood-7 as he’s sometimes known), here’s a pic…

And for anyone unfamiliar with James Badge Dale’s himself…

Dale’s post RUBICON career seems to be shaping up nicely, with several high profile pictures on the horizon, including Robert Zemeckis’ return to 'actual' filmmaking rather than that ropey mo-cap bollocks, FLIGHT; the recently lensed LONGE RANGER reboot, and the eagerly awaited Brad Pitt zombie adap WORLD WAR Z. He was most recently seen in Liam Neeson Man-Vs.-Nature flick, THE GREY.

In other IRON MAN 3 news, previous director Jon Favreau has revealed that despite long-standing rumours of bad blood between Marvel Studios and himself over IM2, he will actually be heavily involved in the day-to-day production of the threequel in his prodcer role. You can read all of his recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter here.

IRON MAN 3 begins shooting in 2 weeks, and will hit cinemas on May 3rd 2013.

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