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Enjoyed playing your COD online, whilst subscription paying Warcraft players looked on with envy? Well, it seems the Big Boss at Activision Blizzard might have some other ideas...

Activision Chief, Bobby Kotick (the geezer that presided over the demise of 'Guitar Hero') has announced that Modern Warfare 3 will have a Subscription Fee to pay (yet to be announced), should you want to play 'Call Of Duty Elite'. Apparently the fee allows you to play exclusive content, and improves the gaming experience. Although, you can still play the game online in a 'standard' form.

Bobby boy chatted with the Wall Street Journal and defended the move. Going on to explain that more money was being introduced into the online service and that "This is an enormous investment". It might well be, but Bobby failed to also explain that the money to be invested, actually is a small part of the $1 billion generated by the previous installment...

They know you will buy it. So is this a cynical piece of exploitation? Or does it allow the game to improve with more cash injected? Let us know with your comments below!

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0 #2 jim 2011-05-31 15:44
Activision own Blizzard now, who made World of Warcraft, does not surprise me one bit this news.
Activision are idiots of the highest order and were responsible for almost making every Warcraft player have their real names appear on their forum posts.
They only backed down when a member of Blizzards staff recieved some nasty surprises at their home address.
With Warcraft starting the descent into pure idiocy a couple of years ago I reckon Activision are itching to find their next cash cow.
Subscriptoin based FPS? Everyone will simply load up Team Fortress instead.
0 #1 Mr Cheese 2011-05-31 14:22
Ah the Games Companies' descent towards being nothing more than digital crack dealers continues to gather pace...

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