Movie News: Take Another Look Behind The Scenes Of PROMETHEUS In New Featurette...

Written by Kris Heys

Movie News

I know, I know. We said we weren't going to post any more promos for PROMETHEUS. But when we're stuck in a bit of a news drought we have to resort to desperate measures. Here then, is today's newly released featurette for your spoilerific needs (it's actually not too bad, but if you've made it this far without seeing much of it, we'd urge you to bail now)...

In other PROMETHEUS news, the BBFC have today granted Ridley Scott's movie a 15 certificate in the UK (and the MPAA an R in the States), quelling any fears we had of the film having to be cut to gain a more 'family friendly' (ie: more profitable) rating. Let's face it, if ALIEN were to be certified today, it's unlikely that it would retain its 18, so don't expect Scott to be pulling back on the intensity compared to his original. Sadly this does mean we'll still have to share the cinema with an army of teenage chavs that would struggle to pronounce the title, let alone follow the subtleties of the plot. Already dreading it.

PROMETHEUS will open in the UK June 1st.

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