Movie News: Universal Gearing Up To KICK Some More ASS...

Written by Kris Heys

Movie News

At long last – well, two years, but doesn’t it seem like more? – the ball has officially started rolling on the sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s KICK-ASS.

While Vaughn busies himself with the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS sequel for a 2014 release, he’s chosen to only take a producing role this time out, with Jeff Wadlow stepping in to write and direct. Yes, we had to look him up too. Wadlow’s only previous feature film credits include the unmemorable 2005 internet thriller CRY_WOLF and 2008’s sweaty fight flick NEVER BACK DOWN. Hardly the most inspiring of movies, but with source material as strong as Mark Millar & John Romita Jr’s creation it would be hard to go wrong.

Where the film could come a cropper however, is if they fail to re-sign the original cast – in particular fan favourites Chloe Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as The Mother Fucker (as he’s now known in the story). With Universal taking over the property (much like the comic book the film is creator owned, having been funded independently) from Lionsgate, all contracts must be renegotiated. We’re sure Mintz-Plasse will jump at the chance, but will the increasingly busy Moretz (and her agents) be that eager for revisiting? And even if she is, will she even have the time considering that the projected start date for production (according to industry site Deadline) is as soon as August, with a 2013 release being eyed. We shall see. Stay tuned for updates...

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