Movie News: Things Get Nazi Between IRON SKY Director & UK Distributors

Written by Kris Heys

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Looking forward to seeing Moon Nazi flick IRON SKY in cinemas? You’d better be prepared to act fast – if UK distributors Revolver have their way you’ll only be able to catch it at your local multiplex on May 23rd! [Note that's not 'from' May 23rd... that's 'just' May 23rd. Yup. Its theatrical run is a day.]

Now as you might recall, Revolver were originally planning an early April release, but the company have since had a change of strategy and news of their highly unusual release hit recently, much to the chagrin of the film’s director Timo Vuorensola.

Vuorensola has taken to the IRON SKY's official site to post a rallying call to supporters of the movie to contact Revolver and get them to consider changing tack... 

"I think this is an insult to us, the filmmakers who have been working with this film for six long years,” Vuorensola says in his article. “We signed up with Revolver because we wanted to have a wide cinema release, and that’s what they promised us. But more than that, it’s an insult to all the fans, friends, followers, fan investors and everyone out there who’s been waiting all these years to see the Moon Nazi mayhem known as Iron Sky to hit the cinemas.”

If you’d like to show your support, head over to and follow Vuorensola’s instructions.

As you know we’re all huge supporters of IRON SKY at Starburst, and have been looking forward to it since its unveiling at Cannes in 2006, but we can’t help feeling Vuorensola’s campaign is fruitless. A quick search reveals that IRON SKY is now scheduled to hit on DVD/Blu-ray on May 28th, a mere 5 days later from its Orange Wednesday showing. This kind of release pattern is becoming increasingly prevalent for smaller independent films, regardless of the buzz. It’s baffling to imagine why a distribution company would go to the trouble (and cost) of even releasing it in limited theatres (rarely ever found outside of London), only for the film to debut on the much more profitable medium of home video a week or two later. Is it merely a case of contractual obligation on their part perhaps?...

If you've not caught the awesome IRON SKY trailer yet, go HERE.

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