Movie News: TARZAN Gets Cast In a Motion Capture Suit

Written by Chris Holt

Movie News

Tarzan 3D

Recently Warner Bros was looking at a TARZAN trilogy from director Craig Brewer (HUSTLE AND FLOW) but now it seems that a rival production at another studio is going to get their first. Constantin Films (RESIDENT EVIL) is ramping up production on a TARZAN film to be shot in motion capture suits with an eye on releasing it in 3D.

Someone called Reinhard Klooss will be directing this version and is also producing alongside Robert Kulzer. And who is the hunk of beef who will play Tarzan? Why it’s Kellan Lutz of course! Who was so memorable in IMMORTALS and the straight to DVD ARENA. Spencer Locke (DETENTION) has been cast as Jane.

The story for this one is a bit different as it updates Edgar Rice Burroughs famous adventure series and finds Tarzan orphaned to grow up in the jungle after his rich parents beef it in a plane crash. Jane is the daughter of an African guide and fights against the evil corporation Greystoke Energies who want to rape the land for its natural resources.

The first Tarzan novel TARZAN OF THE APES was published in 1912 by Mr Burroughs. Recently some big company tried to bring another of his creations to the screen with the last name Carter, apparently that didn’t turn out so well. To be honest it’s probably good that Lutz will be aided by computer animation because I’ve seen ARENA…

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