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Written by Kris Heys

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Starting life in 1960 as a movie by Roger Corman (starring a young Jack Nicholson no less!), THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS was then adapted as a Broadway musical by the Oscar-winning composer Alan Menkin, before returning to cinema screens in 1986 in the Frank Oz directed, Rick Moranis headling version for Warner Bros. 

Now Warner Bros. are set to ressurect the bloodthirsty plant from outerspace in a new movie version being produced by Joseph Gordon Levitt (INCEPTION), who has his eye on the role of put upon florist, Seymour Krelborn.

The new version has been penned by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who up until now is best known for his work on *shudder* GLEE, but will soon be partially responsible for the upcoming Chloe Moretz / Kimberley Peirce CARRIE remake. (Though by all accounts that project does sound more promising than your average reboot.)

We're not entirely sure how the team could possibly surpass the brilliance of Oz's version, which featured masterful puppeteering by the always excellent Jim Henson team to bring Audrey II to life. Be warned - this WILL feature CGI, so we're already nervous. They will however gain brownie points if they go with the original epic ending that test audiences hated (it's quite nihilistic), forcing the studio to change. Were they right to do so? Check it out for yourselves while we wait on JGL to get this version off the ground. 

Original Ending, Part 1:

Original Ending, Part 2:

Original Ending, Part 3:

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