Movie News: Overseas AVENGERS Audiences To Get Extra Post Credits Scene

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 02 May 2012

Movie News

One of the benefits of living in the UK and Europe was that we were able to get to see THE AVENGERS a full week ahead of its US debut. Did this come at a price? (Aside from us having the film retitled to AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, that is.) At the risk of sounding a little on the dramatic side, yes, it would appear so. Read on...

Seems that extra scene Robert Downey Jr announced they were shooting straight after the film's press conference a few weeks ago didn't wind up in the European cut in time, but reports coming from early screenings in the US say that not only is there the brilliant post-main-credits sting that we all saw, but there's now an extra summit summit after the full credits too. If, like me, you stayed right to the bitter end -despite getting the stink-eye from ushers waiting to clean and needing to urinate so badly I thought I might pass out - only to be greeted with the Marvel logo, this will probably annoy you no end.

If you want to know what it is, scroll on. If not, look away now... here there be SPOILERS!



Remember when Stark suggested the gang go eat some shwarma (basically a donner kebab to us in the UK) after the battle? Well... seems everyone was up for it!

You know what they say, you're only ever in the mood for a kebab after a night on the booze, or defeating an alien invasion lead by a mad God.

Sure, it's not as revelatory as the other post-credits scene, but even the image by itself raises a smile from me, especially given the fact the entire scene is played out in silence. Aside from the waitress's sweeping. Very Whedon.

Those of us who didn't see it, don't worry, it'll be on the Blu-ray.

And don't forget, we did get to see the film first, so small price to pay.

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