Movie News: SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Sequel Already In Development

Written by Chris Holt

Movie News

Universal seem very confident in their summer blockbuster SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN which is due to make its debut this June, so confident in fact that they have hired David Koepp (JURASSIC PARK) to knock out a script for the next film.

The studio hopes to get things in place so that if the film makes serious money this summer they can get director Rupert Sanders locked up into the directing chair for the next film in a potential franchise.

This is not an unusual move for a studio just a surprising one considering how stand-alone the film looks. Recently Lionsgate were prepping CATCHING FIRE months before THE HUNGER GAMES even came out. Marvel even has most of their sequels in production before such time as the first comes out in cinemas. We get to see what all the fuss is about when SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN comes out in the UK on June 1st.

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