Movie News: Robert Rodriguez Doing FIRE AND ICE After SIN CITY 2

Written by Chris Holt

Movie News

Some time ago it was announced (at San Diego comic con I believe) that Robert Rodriguez would be producing and directing a film based on Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi’s 1983 animated film FIRE AND ICE. It’s all been quiet on that film for a while, until this week when there has been a flurry of activity around Rodriguez.

After MACHETE KILLS and SIN CITY 2, Rodriguez will segue directly into directing FIRE AND ICE and the screenplay is 70 per cent done. The intention is to do for Frank Frazetta’s original paintings what Rodriguez did for Frank Miller’s comic book and make the world come to life. There will be a lengthy pre-production period which will continue whilst SIN CITY 2 and MACHETE KILLS complete filming.

I’ve always felt that Rodriguez has never really lived up to the early promise shown in films like FROM DUSK TIL DAWN and DESPERADO. He seemed to get distracted by increasingly nauseating kid flicks. The man also has science fiction action film NERVEWRACKERS and another SPY KIDS film on his plate so he is going to be busy for some time to come.

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0 #1 Robin Pierce 2012-04-28 18:04
Is anybody out there still alive who remembers the original animated Fire & Ice? It's a cool movie, to be honest. Well worth digging out on DVD - it was released very quietly a few years ago.

Thing is, NOBODY on the planet looks like anybody (of either gender) from a Frazetta painting, so I'm guessing either CGI or motion capture.

A really, REALLY good thing about this is that there might be a resurgence of interest in Frazetta's work. I might even dig out those old large format volumes I have here somewhere.

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