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Confounding the negative reviews [including the view of this Mag - Ed], Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides continues its overseas haul, breaking the $236 million opening for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".

'Pirates 4' opened considerably down on the openings of the previous installments, with a paltry (to some moguls) $90 million. The salvation of the salty sea saga was to be found (ironically) Overseas. It has to be aknowledged, however, that the 'Plex-Effect' is very much in play here. 'Pirates 4' opened in 20,000 locations across 100 markets as opposed to 15,800 across 64 Markets for  'Potter 6'. Even China succumbed to the Pirates, delivering the second highest opening ever with a whopping $21.9 - placing it in second place behind 'Avatar'. It seems that Non US residents find it easier to stay awake during this latest snoozefest?

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Does it make you angry that something this poor is raking it in? Or do you disagree with the critics? Let us know with your comments below!

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