Movie News: Nicolas Winding Refn Bringing MANIAC COP Back To The Big Screen

Written by Chris Holt Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Movie News

Some days the news truly surprises you… After the critical and semi commercial success of DRIVE last year, director Nicolas Winding Refn has also lined up ONLY GOD FORGIVES and LOGANS RUN on his to do list. Now out of the blue comes word that Refn is producing and is heavily involved in bringing us a new MANIAC COP.

You may not remember this series but there were 3 films from '88 until '93, all directed by William Lustig that concerned the exploits of an undead police officer on the rampage. The first starred geek god Bruce Campbell and the others starred former Bond villain Robert Davi. All three were produced by Larry Cohen (IT’S ALIVE).

Cohen has revealed that Refn has been speaking to him and Lustig for a while about a fourth MANIAC COP film and is using his newfound clout to get the film going with Cohen and Lustig producing alongside himself.

Cohen has also revealed that the film will be more of a prequel and has a significantly larger budget than the rest. No director is confirmed as of yet. It probably won’t happen but just imagine if Refn directed this, how cool would that be? Hey, Werner Herzog directed a sequel to BAD LIEUTENANT didn’t he? Never say never..

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