Movie News: Ti West Itching To Script BEDBUGS...

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Movie News

Following on from the recently announced 'ROSEMARY’S BABY In Space' sounding THE SIDE EFFECTS, director Ti West has now been tasked with adapting Ben H. Winter’s horror novel BEDBUGS.

For those unfamiliar, BEDBUGS is a Brooklyn based tale of terror about a young family whose new home isn’t as idyllic as it had first appeared, with the mother, Susan, having to contend with a nightly bedbug infestation which sees her waking covered in bite marks. Strange thing is… her husband Alex remains unaffected. Even weirder... the exterminator can find no trace of the critters. So if there are no insects, what's snacking of Susan nightly? Or is she just a mental? 

Given that BEDBUGS plays up the paranoia factor to the max, with Susan eventually questioning her sanity, it’s not hard to see why the rights owners Tango Pictures have come a-knockin’ on West’s door, as he can do this kind of slow burn menace in his (hopefully bug-free) sleep.

No word on whether West will also be asked to direct, but we’ll certainly keep our fingers crossed. Dude's a genius. More as this develops...

Ti West’s THE INNKEEPERS finally hits DVD in the UK June 25th. You can read our review HERE.

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