Movie News: Learn When You'll Be Seeing CAPTAIN AMERICA 2...

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 05 April 2012

Movie News

We all knew the CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel was hitting sometime in 2014, but now Disney/Marvel Studios have announced precisely which day you'll need to go and book off from work - April 4th.

As reported recently, the first directors being eyed for the gig have been revealed (Joe Johnston isn't returning sadly), though none of them really sound that exciting. Find out who's in contention HERE.

Little is currently known about the approach Marvel Studios will take in terms of plot (though I suspect we'll know more after we've seen AVENGERS ASSEMBLE), but you can catch up with some earlier rumours we've reported HERE and HERE.

So, let's recap: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE hits April 26th, IRON MAN 3 May 3rd 2013, THOR 2 November 15th 2013, and CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 April 4th 2014. Now, where's ANT-MAN amongst this lot?

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