Movie News: Jorma Taccone Directing Comic Book Adaptation THE GREAT UNKNOWN

Written by Chris Holt Wednesday, 04 April 2012

Movie News

Actor and director Jorma Taccone has long been a staple of US institution SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and starred in the underrated HOT ROD as well as directed the similarly underrated MACGRUBER a couple of years back. MACGRUBER may have flopped but Taccone is still in demand and has signed on for a… yes you guessed it… comic book adaptation!

THE GREAT UNKNOWN written by Duncan Rouleau is published by Image Comics and involves a character called Zach Field who realises that everything he imagines shows up in real life and so he sets about trying to figure out who is reading his mind and stealing his ideas. His friends and family think he is having a breakdown but the more Zach investigates the more he comes to realise he might be on to something.

The comic will be adapted into a script by Michael Starburry for New Line. The idea is certainly one that may appeal to many people as I’m sure everyone (including me) has had an idea at one time or another, only to see something else very similar show up. Whether this will be a big hit or remain an obscure cult item when it eventually comes out will be very interesting indeed.

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