Movie News: Zack Snyder To Direct Nien Nunb-centric STAR WARS Spin-Off...

Written by Starburst Sunday, 01 April 2012

Movie News

After putting his own stamp on the Superman mythos in next year’s Man of Steel, Zack Snyder will then journey to a Galaxy Far Far Away to finally bring us a new chapter in the Star Wars canon.

While not the long yearned for Episodes 7, 8 and 9, the as yet titled entry will instead follow the exploits of fan favourite Nien Nunb, whose peaceful post-RotJ life as a simple administrator on the Kessel Spice Mines is shattered when his wife is murdered and daughter kidnapped by an IG-88. Swearing vengeance, Nunb (and his only friend, the Kowakian monkey-lizard Yad-Sloof Lirpa) set out to rescue his missus, and uncover the mysterious truth being the assassination.

That’s all that’s out there in terms of plot details at the moment, but from what little there is to go on colour us excited. The potential of a Taken-esque revenge thriller set within the Star Wars universe is limitless. 

As for the choice of director, we here at Starburst have always championed the oft-criticised Snyder, so hopefully this news will incite a few Star Wars fans to go give Sucker Punch another chance.

We’ll have more on this as it develops…

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