Movie News: First Trailer For HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET Hits...

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 29 March 2012

Movie News

Jennifer Lawrence just might be the most talked about star on the planet right now due to the incredible success of THE HUNGER GAMES, a fact that hasn't gone amiss with Relativity Media, the company behind HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREETS. Not due in cinemas for quite a while yet, they've wisely chosen to launch the first trailer for their new horror flick today. Although how many of target audience for THE HUNGER GAMES will be old enough to see this in the UK is debatable, as this actually looks pretty intense with a deliberately grubby '70s vibe. Enjoy!

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Anyway, look for Mark Tonderi's HATES (oooo, check out the cool acronym, bet there were high-fives in the office when they worked that one out!) in US cinemas September 21st. With any luck we'll be looking at a Halloween release here in the UK. 

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