Movie News: Board Game Movie OUIJA Is Back From The Beyond

Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 06 March 2012

Movie News

After several years of false starts and rejected concepts it seems that OUIJA is now back in the pipeline from Universal. Based on the popular '70s toy from Hasbro the budget has been decreased from a frankly ludicrous $100 million to a more understandable $5 million. Of course if BATTLESHIP turns out to be huge business then expect them to throw piles of cash back at it.

The film was originally conceived as a big budget supernatural adventure romp along the lines of THE MUMMY with a group of twenty somethings sent on a quest when the Ouija board of the title unleashes all manner of beasties and had McG lined up to direct.

Michael Bay is still producing through his Platinum Dunes outfit. There has been no further development with that LEGO movie so let’s all keep quiet about that one for now.

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