Movie News: TROLL HUNTER Director Up For CARPE DEMON

Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 06 March 2012

Movie News

One of the best genre films of last year was the Norwegian found footage flick TROLL HUNTER. The film made a fair bit of noise when it came out for being low budget with creature effects work to rival that of the major Hollywood players. Due to his skill with making a little go a long way it was inevitable that Andre Ovredal the film's director, would be snapped up by some big shot Hollywood producer.

That big shot producer turns out to be Chris Columbus (HOME ALONE) who has the rights to Julie Kenner’s novel CARPE DEMON: ADVENTURES OF A DEMON HUNTING SOCCER MOM and has tapped Ovredal to direct the film. 

CARPE DEMON follows housewife and mother Kate Connor who keeps her part time demon hunting a secret from her family whilst dealing with a new deadly threat. This is the first book in a four series cycle so evidently Columbus’ 1492 productions are looking at a franchise. Dan and Kevin Hagerman are adapting the book to the screen.

Sounds like the BUFFY as an adult story we never got and so I am intrigued and the book will go on my increasingly huge ‘to read’ list.

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