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Written by Kris Heys Saturday, 03 March 2012

Movie News

Last year we reported on not one, but two competing Alfred Hitchcock biopics in the works - the BBC produced THE GIRL chronicling the making of THE BIRDS (and the director's troubled relationship with Tippi Hedren) and the ineptly titled THE MAKING OF PSYCHO, chronicling the... erm... oh, what was it now... 

With Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren already signed as Hitch and wife Alma Reville respectively, Fox Searchlight were busy fleshing out the rest of the cast, and they've finally found their actors to portray Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins... step forward Black Widow herself Scarlett Johansson and one-time Sherlock Holmes James D'Arcy!

Scarlett Johansson regretting that second helping of chilli con carne she had for tea... 

...while D'Arcy regrets not trying his new Debenhams jumper on first.

As you can surmise from Johansson's casting, Fox are banking on this being a pretty high profile project. But they've still got to do something about that bloody awful title. Imagine the confusion on the DVD Extras? 'The Making of The Making of Psycho' just sounds silly.

As we predicted back in Dec when the film first came to light, expect a January 2013 release... just in time for the Oscar voters to catch it before they fill in their forms! 

For more information, read our previous news stories on both projects HERE aaaand... HERE.

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