Movie News: Sony Pictures Acquires Rights To Comic Book BLOODSHOT

Written by Chris Holt Friday, 02 March 2012

Movie News

Remember back in the early 90s when Marvel and DC were doing their usual thing with holographic shiny covers and not really moving with the times? During this period some interesting indie comic book labels rose to prominence like Dark Horse, Image and Valiant. Sony has now acquired the rights to a spec script based on Valiant comics character BLOODSHOT from 1992.

Matthew Vaughan had been attached to this some time ago but is no longer involved. Instead Sony is using the script written by Jeff Wadlow (CRY WOLF, NEVER BACK DOWN) with uber producer Neil Moritz overseeing the project.

The story behind BLOODSHOT involves a former mobster named Angelo Mortalli who goes into the witness protection program and is subsequently the subject of an experiment using nano technology. Angelo is turned into a killing machine who can heal quickly and control electrical devices (ooh). This lunatic then wages war against the government, the police and the mob, there is lots of violence…

There is also an aspect of self-discovery to the story with Angelo believing the nanobots are god and trying to figure out who he was. Of course this will likely be overlooked in favour of carnage. Hopefully they will go full on crazy with this one and not try and turn it into a sci-fi Jason Bourne clone, with Moritz involved though it’s unlikely. Jason Statham, you need to call your agent and get involved in this now! The fact that this is being pushed forward gives me hope for a SAVAGE DRAGON movie…

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