Movie News: Joel Kinnaman Offered Lead in ROBOCOP Reboot

Written by Chris Holt Monday, 27 February 2012

Movie News

After Russell Crowe supposedly publicly poo-pooed the idea on Twitter and Michael Fassbender flat out turned down the role. It seems that the ROBOCOP reboot from ELITE SQUAD director Jose Padilha has finally found its Alex Murphy.

Joel Kinnaman is best known for his role as dodgy former undercover officer Detective Holder in US version of THE KILLING but amazingly is actually Swedish and has appeared in several Swedish productions and more recently in SAFE HOUSE, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and THE DARKEST HOUR. He definitely has a very physical presence as he is very tall so they are definitely going in another direction for this as Peter Weller was never the most physically imposing man.

At the moment an offer has gone out to Kinnaman but there is no word on whether he has accepted or not. Should he turn it down then I’m unsure how far the production will actually get as it’s been around for nearly as long as the doomed reboot of THE CROW which really needs to give up and go home soon.

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