Movie News: The Rock Will Be HERCULES For Brett Ratner

Written by Chris Holt Monday, 27 February 2012

Movie News

It’s hard to say if there is a director more reviled in modern times than Brett Ratner. Even Michael Bay has his fans but Ratner doesn’t seem to have any and regularly puts his foot in his mouth too. He makes middle of the road, unthrilling movies and is generally regarded as a bit of a hack. So the news that he is teaming up with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is something of a mixed blessing. Johnson seems to be on a bit of a roll at the moment with success in FAST FIVE, JOURNEY 2 and the forthcoming GI JOE: RETALIATION.

Mr Johnson aka The Rock will play HERCULES for MGM’s new film based on the legendary epic hero. Supposedly this is based on Steve Moore’s comic book HERCULES: THE THRACIAN WARS from Radical Publishing.

The story will follow the tormented Hercules, part god and part man as he hides his pain and anguish at losing his family and wanders the Earth getting into battle as much as possible. He and his small band of mercenaries are then hired by a ruthless king to train his army in the ways of combat. This leads to an eventual opening of the eyes by Hercules and his men to see how far they have fallen and how they can gain redemption.

This will most likely be more of an imitation of the films 300 and CLASH OF THE TITANS rather than HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS which starred Kevin Sorbo in the '90s and was a right good giggle. Ratner was once in line for the CONAN THE BARBARIAN reboot so he clearly has an itch he needs to scratch when it comes to legends and myths. This will most likely go into production when Johnson completes work on Michael Bay’s action comedy PAIN AND GAIN.

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