Movie News: Robert Zemeckis In Line To Adapt Demonologist

Written by Chris Holt Thursday, 23 February 2012

Movie News

Last year Robert Zemeckis was linked to a whole raft of projects, none of which have moved very far so this could just be adding to his ‘to do’ list. Universal and Imagemovers, the company founded by Zemeckis are teaming up to adapt a book which hasn’t actually been released yet.

Universal has acquired the manuscript for DEMONOLOGIST written by Andrew Pyper. The book concerns a professor studying Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ who is offered a free trip to Italy. Whilst there a demonic spirit kills his daughter and the professor embarks on a journey of discovery in order to get her back. 

It’s not clear whether Zemeckis will produce or direct this, or if the film will be live-action or shot all in the motion capture suits again. He has his first foray back into live-action since 2001, FLIGHT starring Denzel Washington, due out later in 2012. I’ve always felt that, first and foremost, Zemeckis is a great storyteller and is one of the few directors out there who get that special effects should be employed to tell a story not BE the story. As such I really would like to see him get back to live-action just so we can stem the tide of TRANSFORMERS inspired blockbusters that seem to be heading our way. Come on Bob! Show them how it’s done…

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