Movie News: Writer Ehren Kruger Brought on Board Disney’s MATTERHORN

Written by Chris Holt Thursday, 23 February 2012

Movie News

Previously entitled THE HILL, MATTERHORN tells the story of five young thrill seekers who venture into the Alps and face off with Yetis who guard an ancient secret. Disney is the studio behind this one which was at first thought to be based on one of their theme park rides called The Matterhorn, the scope of the project has since been broadened.

The film will be directed by Brian Beletic, a commercials director of some repute who will be making his feature debut. Jason Dean Hall has written the first draft of the script and now in-demand writer Ehren Kruger whose poetic dialogue so enriched the TRANSFORMERS franchise (I kid) has been brought in for a further revision. 

The Yeti is not something that has been explored that much in cinema. About the closest we got recently was an aborted Jean Claude Van-Damme vehicle in the '90s called ABOMINABLE which was to be directed by Peter Hyams. If Disney are all for making a serious monster movie/adventure flick then I am all for it. They may have been fairly mixed in their final product but films like TRON: LEGACY and PRINCE OF PERSIA show that the House of Mouse is willing to take adventures with monsters etc seriously after many years of making family films built around farts and Robin Williams with wacky slime. The fact that they have brought a writer on board with Kruger’s profile show that they are taking this project seriously.

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0 #2 Chris Holt 2012-02-27 17:00
The appearence of the Yeti is the only thing that gives me hope for this flick. The cast of young characters are all various types of 'extreme' explorer types apparently, which makes me cringe at the possibilities...
0 #1 Darrell Andrews 2012-02-26 10:20
I have to agree that the Yeti as a movie-monster is indeed a very underused creature with great potential, IMO, one which I think it's time we got to see more of. If Matterhorn does finally come to our screens from Disney, I could see a flurry of similar films all of which feature the Abominable Snowman too to cash in on the idea. And isn't the Yeti 'possibly coming back to Doctor Who next series...?

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