Movie News: TWISTED METAL To Be Given Big-Screen Treatment

Written by Chris Holt Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Movie News

With GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE hitting cinemas on the 17th, word comes across the pond with regards to the co-director Brian Taylor and a possible solo directorial outing...

Deep in the mists of time, back when a Wii was just something you did when you really needed to go when you were nine, there was a game on the PlayStation One released in 1995 called TWISTED METAL. It was a fun game consisting of a demolition derby with cars modified to include things like ballistic projectiles, machine guns, mines and other weapons.

Now Sony has made a pre-emptive seven figure deal with Taylor to come on board the film version and Avi and Ari Arad producing. Like the game; the film will concern an underground demolition derby with the powerful vehicles. The film will focus on Calypso the proprietor of the event and will include the devilish characters from the game such as Sweet Tooth and Doll Face.

Is this the end of an era? Is the powerhouse duo of Neveldine/Taylor no more? Hopefully Taylor being on his own will lead to some equally demented sequences of pure adrenaline put on film to match the teams previous output. Bear in mind that this is a videogame adaptation, so temper your expectations based on that fact alone.

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