Movie News: TRANSFORMERS 4 Gets a Release Date [Updated] and a Director!

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 13 February 2012

Movie News

[Scroll down if you read this gumph yesterday and just want the update...] 

Speaking at a press conference for Hasbro/Paramount's upcoming G.I. JOE sequel, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventure (if that guy isn't a renegade treasure hunter in his spare time we'll be really disappointed) revealed to website ComingSoon that we can expect to see a fourth round of robots knocking the living sh*t out of each other in July 2014.

Bonaventure *whip-crack!* remained tight-lipped on whether Bay will return to the director's chair, and hinted at a new approach to the movie in terms of story (yes, I said story, don't laugh), overall it will be a continuation, but spun off in another direction with a combination of old and new characters. So no Sam Witwicky or any of his supermodel girlfriends next time out. But if they lose Optimus, they lose me. Just a warning Bonaventure. *whip-crack!*

As much as Michael Bay was an integral part of the trilogy's Unicron-sized box office haul, we, sorry I (daren't speak for anybody else at Starburst, I've a sneaky feeling I'm the only one who gives a monkey's) actually think now's the perfect opportunity for the director to step back and let another filmmaker take the reigns. One that can hopefully hold a shot for longer than two seconds. And given that each of the three movies had an unheard of, cripplingly tight two year turn around between release dates, we can only hope that the added year will also give them ample time to finally hone a worthy screenplay too. Unless of course the old rumours of back-to-back shoots for 4 & 5 are true, in which case we're buggered.

Now the date is locked, expect more on this very soon...


In all honesty, we didn't expect this... director Michael Bay has now confirmed on his official site that he WILL return to the franchise for part 4 after all. As much as I enjoyed Bay's work on the previous movies, yes even REVENGE OF THE FALLEN (the blame has to lie with the clumsy screenplay and not Bay himself), it was high time to let somebody else have a crack. Oh well.

Meanwhile, producer Bonaventure *whip-- ['ENOUGH!' - Ed] continues to confuse the internet by referring to the film as a 'reboot'. Will somebody please explain to him what a reboot is in movie terms! It simply means that the arcs introduced in 1, 2 and 3 are now closed, and we'll be getting a new story, and new characters. Same canon. Not a reboot.

And finally, it has also been revealed the exact date of release will be June 29th 2014.

So there you have it.

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