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Written by Chris Holt Saturday, 11 February 2012

Movie News

Just when you though the slicked back hair, fangs and cape had been retired for good, word comes from Hollywood that they have finally figured out a new way to bring Count Dracula back to your screens. Warner Bros has their hands on a script entitled HARKER which tells the Dracula legend from the perspective of Jonathan Harker who in this version is a detective investigating Dracula’s spate of bloody murders in London.

The project was first talked up a year ago with ORPHAN and UNKNOWN director Jaume Collet-Serra attached. With the live action AKIRA seemingly a non-starter, Collet-Serra may make this a priority before the budget issues with AKIRA can be resolved and he can finally shoot that sure-fire smash hit.

With his name being attached to everything from ROBOCOP to NOAH, it’s no surprise to hear that Russell Crowe is currently in talks with Warner Bros about taking the main role. Who will play Dracula though? Does he even appear in the script? More information as we get it...

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+1 #1 J. R. Southall 2012-02-12 16:24
Sounds like they're trying to ride the current buzz around Sherlock Holmes and tie it to the current wave of vampire popularity. It might be brilliant. It might not.

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