News: Brad Pitt Preps For WORLD WAR Z [Updated] Matthew Fox Too

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This project continues to gather serious momentum with the news Matthew Fox (LOST); veteran actor Ed Harris; and Julia Levy-Boeken (erm, ROAD TRIP: BEER PONG) have now all signed to star. Little is known about their respective roles as of yet (any readers out there familiar with the source material got any ideas?) but we've since learnt lead/producer Brad Pitt will be portraying a U.N. researcher charged with investigating the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse ten years earlier, (indicating a flashback structure for the narrative. Fox will be right at home!)

Stay tuned for further details, this is shaping up to be something special!

World-War-What-now? Read our previous story below...



Good news, boils and ghouls, we’ve got the skinny on yet another zombie picture coming your way...

The long-mooted adaptation of Max Brook’s best-selling novel WORLD WAR Z: AN ORAL HISTORY OF THE ZOMBIE WAR has today climbed screaming from the depths of Development Hell and finally grabbed itself a gan-greenlight.

For those unfamiliar, WORLD WAR Z is told entirely through several unconnected character’s first person accounts of the apocalypse in lieu of a linear narrative. It's a clever spin on a now very familiar concept (how many zombie pictures have been announced this week alone?) but translating that idea to a visual medium will provide quite the challenge. Should be interesting to see how they approach it.

The film will star Brad Pitt (who also takes producing duties), and is to be directed by QUANTUM OF SOLACE’s Marc Forster from a screenplay by BABYLON 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski.

WORLD WAR Z is currently scheduled for a late 2012 release. As always we’ll keep you informed of all future developments.

Read WORLD WAR Z? Looking forward to the adaptation or are you all Zombie-ed out? Let us know with your comments below!


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0 #1 Rachel Collins Barrett 2011-06-15 16:12
can't get excited for yet another zombie franchise.. but it's always good to see the guys from lost in anything

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