Movie News: Ridley Scott Teases More PROMETHEUS (and Weighs In On 'Those' BLADE RUNNER 2 Rumours)

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 09 February 2012

Movie News

Short but very sweet this one, but seems director Ridley Scott is quite confident that his eagerly awaited return to sci-fi PROMETHEUS is gonna deliver the goods...

During a chin-wag with EW, Scott spilled the beans that he's already "thinking about what the hell I might do for a Prometheus 2."

We'll find out whether that's a good thing or not when we finally see the film June 1st.

Meanwhile, Scott pitched in on the whole BLADE RUNNER 2 / Harrison Ford rumour mill, adding further confusion (Ford's in, Ford's out, oh Ford might be in after all!, no he's not, yawwwn) by remaining strangely noncommittal when poked for deets:

“No. Don’t know yet. Don’t know yet. I don’t know", he told them.

So that's a yes then?

Come on, let's be serious, if the Deckard discussion had really never come up in previous meetings then Scott and Producer Andrew Kosove could rightly just shut us all up with a concrete "No. Deckard/Ford will NOT be appearing. Now leave us the hell alone to just make the movie already, for f***s sake!" Or something along those lines.

Instead, all involved are remaining extremely cagey on the subject. Wonder why...

Either way, with a possibility of more PROMETHEUS movies and a new BLADE RUNNER in development, it's an interesting time for sci-fi fans indeed. Ford or no Ford.

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