Movie News: THE DEVIL INSIDE Duo To Bring Us WER

Written by Chris Holt Thursday, 09 February 2012

Movie News

It may have gotten some poisonous reviews but THE DEVIL INSIDE actually made a decent amount of money and now despite its quality, the duo behind the film William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman are set to work together again.

WER as in WERewolf, is another found footage film revolving around a werewolf locked up inside a Transylvanian prison. A defence attorney is despatched to clear the name of the suspect in a series of murders, the attorney soon realises that his client is more than human and is responsible for many deaths. 

FilmDistrict (DRIVE) are behind the project and casting is currently underway. The film aims to begin shooting in Bucharest, Romania this April.

Werewolves seem like the hardest thing to get right on screen. There hasn’t been a decent werewolf movie since 2001 and before that it was 1981. Maybe the found footage format is just the shot in the arm the Werewolf needs to get him back on top of things and showing up vampires for the sissies they really are.

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0 #1 Shirin 2012-07-11 11:36
My mother will be playing a village woman from Poland, in the movie . She has blond hair!
I was with her in the back of some scenes and it was very cool.Two scenes were shot in a very muddy place near Calugareni!
hope that you like the movie!

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