Movie News: Lestat Headed Back To Screens For TALE OF THE BODY THIEF

Written by Chris Holt Thursday, 09 February 2012

Movie News

Remember 1994’s INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE? Neil Jordan’s take on Anne Rice’s beloved ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ novels was a box office hit featuring an early performance from Brad Pitt and an against type Tom Cruise as Lestat enjoying himself immensely. The sequel QUEEN OF THE DAMNED was talked about for a while but none of the cast stayed around for it, the finished film eventually limped out in 2002 with Stuart Townsend in the Lestat role. This seemed to put an end to Anne Rice on screen, until now…

Imagine Entertainment has optioned the rights to the fourth book in the series TALE OF THE BODY THIEF. The adaptation is set to be written by Lee Patterson. This story is slightly different from the other novels as it involves body swapping, a depressed and lonely Lestat decides to switch bodies with a psychic who then proceeds to steal Lestat’s immortal body for himself. Lestat living as a human must track himself down to get back to his old murderous self. So it’s basically FACE/OFF with vampires then…

The project is still in development and no distributor is in place for the Brian Grazer and Ron Howard produced film. This sounds just crazy enough to work and maybe, just maybe they can get Tom Cruise back in the role of Lestat.

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