KNIGHT RIDER Redo Eyes John Cena and Kevin Hart

Written by Andrew Pollard Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Movie News

At a time when the term “original idea” seems like a totally foreign concept where certain studios are concerned, now comes word that a new Knight Rider reboot is being eyed.

Interestingly, David Hasselhoff himself has recently being talking about how he’d like to revisit Knight Rider in a way that is similar to this year’s mesmerising Logan. But moving away from that, as per Screen Rant, a new Knight Rider is indeed being worked on, just not in the way that The Hoff envisioned.

Instead, The Weinstein Company is looking to bring the property back to life with a comedic slant similar to what was done with 21 Jump Street. Lined up for the role of Michael Knight is multi-time WWE Champion John Cena – who has recently been cast for the Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee – and Central Intelligence’s Kevin Hart is being eyed to provide the voice of Knight’s famed car KITT. Neither Cena or Hart have been cast at this stage, but this should certainly give you an idea of the direction that this redo is looking to take. And, of course, while the Jump Street franchise was pretty well received when revisited, cinematic attempts to bring back CHIPS and Baywatch have landed flat this year, much like the 2010 reboot of The A-Team.

Knight Rider began life back in 1982, starring Hasselhoff as Michael Knight and running for four seasons. Following that came Knight Rider 2000, which was in turn followed by the rejigged 2008 Knight Rider series. That ’08 redo only lasted for one solitary season before being canned, but as recently as last year there’s been talk of having another crack at this beloved property, with Star Trek Beyond’s Justin Lin in the frame to direct at that point.

As ever, expect more on this as we get it.


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