Movie News: New Trailer For Tarsem Singh's MIRROR MIRROR Debuts...

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 27 January 2012

Movie News

We weren't particularly impressed with the first trailer for Tarsem Singh's upcoming Snow White adaptation MIRROR MIRROR (and judging from your reactions neither were most of you) but let's have a look at the newly released International trailer and see if it fares any better...

...erm, that's a no then.

In all seriousness, it's more likely that our disappointment stems only from the fact that Singh has seemingly aimed this squarely at children, where his past movies have been significantly more adult fare. While we didn't expect an IMMORTALS-esque retelling, surely a more middle ground take would have been palatable to broader audiences. We'd wager many adults are already dreading taking their kids to see this. That's what the Christmas panto's for surely?

It will be interesting which Snow White movie will emerge victorious at the box office this year, with both this and Kristen Stewart's SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN tackling the beloved fairytale with two very different approaches. Will MIRROR MIRROR's fluff win over SWATH's fight?

You can have a look at the trailer for SWATH (isn't that a cool acronym!) HERE, if you haven't already. Our money's on Bella.

MIRROR MIRROR opens March 16th. 

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