Movie News: What Does It Take To Reunite The MONTY PYTHON Crew? ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 27 January 2012

Movie News

Great news for Monty Python fans - it's been announced the gang are reuniting for a brand new film. And if that wasn't enough, the movie will mark the first time the comedy troupe has tackled sci-fi! 

Entitled ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, the comedy centres around an ordinary bloke who is granted unlimited super powers by a group of aliens seemingly out for a bit of a laugh. Y'see, the silly human struggles to cope when his newfound gifts as they cause him no end of unexpected misery. It's a take on the age old genie / monkey paw type tale apparently.

That ordinary bloke was at one time (back in 2010 when the project was first talked of) due to be portrayed by the wonderful DAILY SHOW correspondent John Oliver, though since the film has crawled its way back out of development hell today there's been no word on his involvement. But who cares about him you cry, what about Cleese, Palin, Gilliam, Chapman, Idle, Jones?

Well, the surviving Pythons are set to voice the aliens-- oh. Crap. They're CGI characters. Balls. That's somewhat less interesting. Should we carry on? Ok.

Terry Jones has co-written the screenplay with SMALL SOLDIERS writer Gavin Scott, and will also direct. He's currently trying to get the one hold-out to join the party in the form of Eric Idle. Seeing that he once took a pay cheque to reprise the role of "English Victim" aka "The Bike Rider" (the name of his extended cameo role in 1985's NATIONAL LAMPOON'S EUROPEAN VACATION) in the ungodly 2003 cash-in CHRISTMAS VACATION 2: COUSIN EDDIE'S ISLAND ADVENTURE, we don't think this is going to be that tough a sell. If he turns it down, you know there's some real bad blood between these guys!  

ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING  (can't get over how dull that title is, it's sending my fingers asleep just typing it!) will shoot in the UK later this year.

What else... erm, oh yeah, Robin Williams is in it too. He'll be voicing a dog called Dennis.

You know what... I feel guilty about getting you Python fans pumped up. This sounds a bit rubbish doesn't it.

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