The Terrifying Owlman Returns in THE BLACK GLOVES!

Written by Martin Unsworth Tuesday, 02 May 2017

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Hex Media, the team behind the fantastic supernatural films The Lord of Tears and The Unkindness of Ravens has announced a Kickstarter campaign for the next project The Black Gloves, which will once again tap into the mythology of the terrifying Owlman character.

The synopsis from the Kickstarter site:

Dr Finn Galloway is a psychologist obsessed with the mysterious death of his young patient, and her belief in a strange and terrifying entity...

Determined to find answers, Finn discovers a vital clue when he learns that once-famous ballerina Elisa Grey now lives in crippling fear of a similar entity... the so-called Owlman. In the crumbling Baldurrock Estate, he finds the ballerina hidden away, under the watchful eye of her sinister guardian, Lorena Velasco.

There, in the bleak isolation of the Scottish Highlands, Finn must battle against a force of unimaginable evil - a nightmare foe like no other.

The Black Gloves features one of the most terrifying entities of ancient legend, made popular around the world in both film and literature - a figure some call 'The Owlman'.

Inspired by the texts of ancient religion and Celtic/Eastern mythology, the Owlman has become an internet phenomenon. From his first outing in our micro-budget feature Lord of Tears to the many videos which have followed, the Owlman has captured the imagination of audiences around the world.


Directed by Lawrie Brewster and written by Sarah Daly, The Black Gloves promises to keep the malevolent classic horror feel of the pair’s previous features, while also giving us another taste of terror from the iconic Owlman character.

Update: a new viral prank video has been released to promote the Kickstarter and is well worth checking out:

The Kickstarter campaign includes many fantastic perks at all levels for fans, including digital downloads, deluxe DVD/Blu-ray sets (believe us, the Hex Media releases are always a thing of beauty!) and even an Owlman action figure! Don’t miss out on the chance to get involved. Head over to Kickstarter and pledge your support now.

You can read our reviews of Lord of Tears here, and The Unkindness of Ravens here.



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