New PIRANHA Movie Gets a Title

Written by Andrew Pollard Monday, 10 April 2017

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With a new Piranha movie now on the way, that film has finally had its title revealed.

To give a little background, the original Piranha rights holder Hisako Tsukuba earlier this year announced that she was in pre-production on a new Piranha picture. Tsukuba has been present as a producer on each previous entry in the franchise. Not only that, but the legendary Roger Corman, who produced the original Piranha movie, is involved as an executive producer on what would be a sixth outing for the franchise.

Initially being called Summer of the Piranha or Piranha JPN, Corman took to Facebook to confirm the official title for this next film in this cult favourite horror series. He explained, “Last week, I announced a new addition to the Piranha franchise, but something still seemed off to me. I called my producing partner and told her I don’t think the title had enough BITE. I believe a title should encapsulate an entire film: Humanoids From The Deep, Attack Of The Crab Monsters, The Slumber Party Massacre, Sharktopus. I said we need a title that immediately captured the horror of our story, and I suggested, PIRANHA JPN: TEETH OF THE PIRANHA. She laughed and said she loved it, so that’s what we’re going to call it. – RC”

So there you have it, this upcoming Piranha movie is to be called Piranha JPN: Teeth of the Piranha. Plot-wise, all that’s known at this stage is that the film will be set and shot in Japan, and there’s even talk of tuna/piranha hybrids causing all kinds of chaos and carnage in this next installment.

The series itself began life back with Joe Dante’s 1978 Piranha, which was in turn followed by James Cameron’s Piranha 2: The Spawning in 1981, then a made-for-TV 1995 remake, a 2010 big screen redo in the shape of Piranha 3D, and then 2012’s Piranha 3DD.

As ever, expect more on this as it develops.


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