Don Coscarelli Updates on the Chances of a PHANTASM 6

Written by Andrew Pollard Wednesday, 05 April 2017

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It was only yesterday that we reported that there may well still be more to come from the Phantasm franchise, and now creator Don Coscarelli has moved to discuss the future of this fan favourite horror series.

Speaking to Bloody-Disgusting about the chances of a sixth entry in the franchise, Coscarelli said, “God love ‘em, but Phantasm fans are insatiable. Obviously, the loss of Angus makes the prospect of another sequel challenging. So I guess the short answer is that we aren’t currently planning another sequel at this time. That being said, we always do listen closely to what our longtime fans say.”

Angus, of course, is Angus Scrimm, the terrifying Tall Man who causes carnage throughout the franchise. Scrimm sadly passed away early last year before the last movie, Phantasm: Ravager, was released.

On the reaction to Ravager, Coscarelli added, “I remember being at the premiere last year of Phantasm: Ravager at Fantastic Fest. I was sitting by director David Hartman and as Ravager ended, the audience burst into applause. For both of us it was a huge relief, we had finally finished one of the most ambitious micro-budget movies ever made and our core fanbase responded the way we hoped. It was a very long path, full of difficulty and hardship and we had suffered some losses. Our Phantasm icon and good friend Angus Scrimm had passed just as post-production ended. But we had successfully finished what we considered to be the final chapter of this iteration of Phantasm. And then Dave and I went up onstage with the cast and a Q&A with Tim League, and I think the first question was, ‘When’s Part 6 coming out?’ We heard this question again and again at subsequent screenings.”

All of this buzz around a future Phantasm effort is nicely tied in to Arrow Films’ upcoming Phantasm 1 – 5: Limited Edition Blu-ray Collection, which is released in the UK on April 24th, although US fans can get their hands on this impressive new release as of April 11th.


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