BLOOD SHED Smashes Kickstarter Target

Written by Martin Unsworth Sunday, 02 April 2017

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The Kickstarter for the short film Blood Shed has succeeded in raising pledges of 114% of the original target. Fans that missed out on getting involved have until May 1st to claim a limited number of rewards.

The film, being made by Moranic Productions - filmmakers James Moran and Cat Davies - will shoot in April.
James Moran said, "I'm incredibly happy to have reached our target. It's overwhelming to see so many people on board and wanting to be part of Blood Shed. The support of the filmmaking community, audience, and press has been wonderful. Now I actually get to make the film and work with our amazing actors - and drench them in blood. Although they might be slightly less excited than I am about this part... I can't wait to get on set with the world's first man-eating shed. She's really got some personality! She is ready to be a star. And yes, all sheds are a *she*."

Davies commented, “This is our first official writing collaboration – so this is rather a special project for us. The support we’ve had from pledgers, press, bloggers, industry bods and film enthusiasts has been amazing. Running a crowdfunding campaign is tough – nothing prepares you for the sheer blood, sweat and tears that goes into it, and the round the clock management is all-consuming. Also, no amount of research into peak times, best times to launch and end, best times to make announcements, types of perks to offer and pricing, etc. really makes much of a difference – there’s a lot of luck and a lot of random peaks and troughs along the way. All the support we had really kept us going. You all helped us to keep the faith!

Blood Shed stars Shaun Dooley (The Woman in Black, Eden Lake) and Sally Phillips (Smack the Pony, I’m Alan Partidge) and the official synopsis is:

Jack loves a bargain. And he loves sheds. When he buys suspiciously cheap second-hand parts online to build his very own dream shed, he and long-suffering wife Helen find they’ve got more than they bargained for: a killer shed with an appetite for blood. As the body count rises, and the shed’s ferocious appetite grows, Jack is faced with a horrifying dilemma. Blood Shed is a dark and twisted but laugh out loud comedy about a man-eating shed, with a Creepshow-style look and sound, synthesizer music, LOTS of Evil Dead-style blood, and comic book panels. It’s a love letter to the 80s horror anthology style, while telling a bizarre new tale with a unique monster.


For more information and to claim one of the limited rewards, head over to Follow on Twitter for up-to-date news.


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