Live-Action NIGHTWING Movie Confirmed; Director Hired

Written by Andrew Pollard Friday, 24 February 2017

Movie News

Well this is certainly something to get a tad excited over. Yes, we’re finally going to be getting a live-action Nightwing movie!

The Hollywood Reporter has word that Warner Brothers has brought in Chris McKay to direct the movie, which will focus on this much-loved fan favourite DC character. McKay recently helmed The LEGO Batman Movie for the studio, and he’ll be directing from a script by The Accountant’s Bill Dubuque.

For the longest time now, comic book fans have been crying out to finally see Dick Grayson back on the big screen, and now those fans are going to get their wish.

Grayson, of course, is the first person to take on the Robin mantle in the comic book realm, and he’d eventually outgrow that role and decide to branch out and become his own hero rather than merely someone’s sidekick. Taking on the moniker of Nightwing, Dick moved to Bludhaven and became that city’s protector. That said, the move away wouldn’t stop him from regularly turning up in Gotham City when needed – and he has famously taken over as Batman at several points over the years when Bruce Wayne was out of action. In fact, his run as the Dark Knight opposite Damian Wayne’s Robin is something that still gets heavy praise from comic book fans to this day.

As for his live-action history, Douglas Croft and Johnny Duncan played played Robin in the Batman serials of the 1940s, Burt Ward famously played Dick Grayson as Robin alongside Adam West’s Batman in the ‘60s, and then Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman & Robin gave us Chris O’Donnell as the Boy Wonder. Additionally, McKay’s The LEGO Batman Movie also featured Dick, as voiced by Michael Cera.

This movie – seemingly just called Nightwing – is the latest film to join Warner Brothers’ DCEU, which continues in  with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman and in November with Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Following Snyder’s team-up effort, on the horizon is Aquaman, The Batman, The Flash, Cyborg (yes, he really is getting his own movie!), Green Lantern Corps., Shazam, Gotham City Sirens, a Suicide Squad sequel, a solo movie for Dwayne Johnson’s villainous Black Adam, and even reportedly another Superman picture.


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