HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL Remake and Prequel in Development

Written by Andrew Pollard Friday, 13 January 2017

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In the current world of remakes, redoes, reimaginings and reboots that we live in, you can add House on Haunted Hill to the list of remakes now in development.

William Castle’s classic 1959 Vincent Price-starring movie, of course, has already been remade in 1999, and now it’s to get a second redo. Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman, who also worked together on Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, will be penning the remake for Warner Brothers.

Interestingly, Dredd Central is also reporting that a prequel is on the way for the property, too. For that, William Castle’s daughter, Terry, is putting the film together based around her father’s notes from the original film. Terry said, “Funny! I just finished a House on Haunted Hill script myself. A prequel penned by Terry Castle! I am about to go out with it. As it turns out, I have House on Haunted Hill in my blood… so, let the best man… excuse me, woman, win! I have some of Dad’s original notes for a prequel, and I am running with them. If you remember, Anabelle Loren (Carol Ohmart) was not Frederick’s first wife! My film will be produced under the WILLIAM CASTLE PRODUCTIONS banner.”

The original 1959 movie told the story of an eccentric millionaire who offers $10,000 to five people who agree to be locked in a huge, creepy house overnight with him and his wife. The 1999 remake told much the same story, only upping the prize to $1 million. In a world of so-so (or flat out awful!) remakes, the Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen redo was actually rather good. That remake itself actually got a disappointing direct-to-video sequel, Return to House on Haunted Hill, back in 2007.

Expect more on both this new remake and the supposed prequel as they develop.


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