Movie News: Brad Peyton Prepares For INVASION...

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 09 January 2012

Movie News

While it's a delight to be finally reporting on movies that aren't either a reboot, remake, sequel or superhero, we don't predict too many of you are going to be high-fiving each other over this one to be honest. Especially when you consider that the project, entitled INVASION, comes from the mind of Brad Peyton, whose directorial debut was 2010's CATS AND DOGS: REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE.

Still, everybody has to start somewhere right, and his upcoming sequel JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND* looks entertaining enough, right? No? Suit yourself.

According to industry insiders Variety, Peyton has sold his pitch to Reel FX, which is being described as an adult sci-fi action flick about a band of students trying to survive when a 'supernatural force' invades. The excellent CLOVERFIELD is being spoken of in terms of approach, but it's so far unknown whether this refers to that film's found footage approach, or merely the character's situation. Hopefully the latter as we're sure you're all bored bloody silly with that gimmick by now. We know we are.

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA and SHREK director Andrew Adamson is also set to produce.

Again, at least it's not a remake guys! We'll have more as this one develops...

* Come on, tell us THIS doesn't look fun in a disposable, Sunday afternoon kind of way!

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