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Written by Whitney Scott Bain Wednesday, 25 January 2017

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Miguel Ferrer, who we met as Bob Morton in Robocop, Albert Rosenfield in Twin Peaks and Owen Granger in CSI: Los Angeles has passed away due to complications from cancer at the age of 61.

Born on February 7th, 1955 to parents Jose Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney (George Clooney is his cousin) he pursued a career in playing the drums as a child after seeing Little Ricky in the I Love Lucy show where he became quite proficient as he went on tour with his mother and Bing Crosby performing on stage. After Mr. Crosby’s death, Mr. Ferrer decided to pursue acting.

Mr. Ferrer, who was a huge comic book fan and collector (Batman was his favorite) could be seen playing in the band, Seduction of the Innocent at the San Diego Comic Con with fellow actor and talented musician Bill Mumy.

Close friends with the late Brandon Lee, there was a time when Mr. Ferrer needed help to pick up something he left behind in his house in Los Angeles and he was to perform on stage that night in San Francisco. Mr. Lee located the key to his house and looked around to find his ‘lucky sticks,’ As Mr. Lee searched around he couldn’t find anything. He called Mr. Ferrer and said, “Are they Chinese lucky sticks? I Ching sticks? I can’t find them.” Mr. Ferrer finally told him, “No, my drum sticks!” Mr. Lee replied, “Oh, they’re right in front of me.

As a testament to their true friendship, Mr. Lee drove up to San Francisco and delivered the sticks to Mr. Ferrer just in time as he went on stage. The show was a huge success.

Mr. Ferrer also performed on the Keith Moon album Two Sides of the Moon in 1975.

Mr. Ferrer’s work was amazing. He played the burned out private eye in Where’s Marlowe?, Wrong Turn At Tahoe, the film noir TV series Fallen Angels, The Harvest and the roving pilot/reporter in the Stephen King film Night Flier. He had a Jack Webb delivery in his dialogue that would have made him the perfect actor to play in Dragnet or even the updated version of Peter Gunn as Lieutenant Jacoby.

Other noted performances include Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, The Stand, the remake of The Shining, Tales From the Crypt, Star Trek III: the Search For Spock, CHiPS, the Superman TV series, Traffic, and The Protector.

Voice over work included the animated Justice League: the New Frontier as J’ohnn J’onzz: the Martian Manhunter, Sinestro in Batman, Mulan, Hercules, Thundercats, Jackie Chan Adventures, Halo 2, and Robot Chicken.

Mr. Ferrer was a talented actor and musician. He will be missed by all of us.

STARBURST sends our good thoughts out to his family and friends.


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