Could Armie Hammer by One of the DCEU's Green Lanterns?

Written by Andrew Pollard Friday, 09 December 2016

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Treat this as purely speculation for now, but there’s some big rumours out there right now that claim that Armie Hammer may be set to play a Green Lantern in Warner Brothers’ DC Extended Universe.

The source of this speculation lies with Twitter, where the actor, best known for the likes of The Lone Ranger and The Social Network, has raised eyebrows after he was followed by Geoff Johns and Joe Manganiello. Johns, of course, is a modern comic book icon and the man now tasked with overseeing Warners’ DC movies, whilst Manganiello has recently been confirmed to be playing the DCEU’s villainous Deathstroke. Hammer has returned the favour when it comes to following these fellas, and this mirrors what happened earlier this year with Rick Famuyiwa. After that happened, Famuyiwa was shortly announced as directing The Flash, although he’d ultimately depart the big screen Scarlet Speedster effort a month or so ago.

So, now speculation has Hammer pinned as having landed a role in the DCEU, and the hot rumour is that said role will be that of a Green Lantern, with Hal Jordan the GL in question. As well as Green Lantern Corps. being a confirmed movie for the upcoming DCEU slate, it’s expected that the Emerald Knights will have a presence in next year’s Justice League.

For those well-versed in Hollywood’s greatest movies that never happened, this isn’t the first time that Armie Hammer was being talked about for a DC role. Back in 2007, the actor was signed up to play Batman in George Miller’s canned Justice League: Mortal movie. That film had assembled its core cast, was set to start shooting in Australia, but was then pulled at the last minute over financial concerns.

In response to the speculation over him joining the DC Extended Universe, Hammer has been having fun with those waiting to hear something concrete on these rumours. After teasing a huge announcement, the actor posted the following bunch of messages:

“Very large announcement coming soon…”





“My old guitar tonight. Found it in a closet and realized how long it’s been.”

That Armie Hammer, what a rascal.

More interestingly, though, Joe Manganiello took to Twitter to congratulate Hammer on something. What that is, maybe we’ll find out over the next few days and weeks.

As ever, expect more on all of this as and when it develops.


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