Nucleus Films Plan to Remaster a Pair of Cult Italian Classics

Written by Martin Unsworth Monday, 24 October 2016

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An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been launched in order to remaster two cult Italian movies. Nucleus Films - a fantastic boutique label in the UK - are planning on scanning Death Laid An Egg (La morte ha fatto l'uovo, 1967) and Lady Frankenstein (La figlia di Frankenstein, 1971) from the original Italian negatives for the first time.

Marc Morris, co-director of Nucleus Films said about the campaign: “Nucleus Films have never taken on a project of this scale. The only way to do the definitive releases is to go back to the Italian licensors and do a deal for all the original materials to access the negatives and get them remastered properly. Because we're a small company we can't afford to do this without YOUR HELP to raise the money for the licensing, expert remastering, Blu-ray authoring, production of extras, artwork and BBFC classification costs”.

Fellow director Jake West added: “We want to create the ultimate collectors’ editions that you'll be proud to own. And, if this goes well we plan to unearth many more Euro-Cult titles that we know the fans are desparate for. We want your suggestions for forthcoming titles too, so please get involved with the Euro-Cult Restoration Project. This is just the start!

Nucleus Films has released several great cult movies in the past few years, such as the previously banned Night of the Bloody Apes and Donovan Winter’s brutal Give Us Tomorrow! The label also brought us the fabulous documentaries Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship, and Videotape and Draconian Days.

Death Laid an Egg is a glorious giallo starring Gina Lollabrigida and Ewa Aulin and directed by Giulio Questi. Lady Frankenstein is a schlocky classic directed by Mel Welles (yep, the guy who played the florist in Roger Corman’s Little Shop of Horrors, 1960) and stars a tired-looking Joseph Cotton. Both are great fun and certainly worthy of the attention.


You can find out more, and help get these two important and entertaining films released on Blu-ray by heading over to the Indiegogo page.


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